Spice up your cooking….

Mason Cash Clay Taginemason cash 28cm tagine

Renowned for traditional, authentic cooking products and techniques, Mason Cash have perfected clay pot cooking with a high quality range of terracotta cookware. For perfect roast dinners or delicious tagine dishes, the Mason Cash range has been perfectly designed for healthy, succulent and easy to make meals.

Cooking in tagines has been practiced in North Africa for centuries, and has now been perfected by Mason Cash. Cooking and steaming food in tagines is delicious, healthy and easy, resulting in tender, succulent, natural and vitamin rich dishes. Tagine recipes are usually stews cooked slowly at low temperatures, resulting in tender meat with aromatic vegetables and sauces. North African tagine recipes often combine lamb or chicken with a medley of vegetables or seasonings and are simple to make. The Mason Cash tagine can be used in the oven or on a hob (hob cooking only with a heat diffuser). By soaking the Mason Cash tagine in water before cooking, users can intensify flavours and the succulence of food even further. The clay tagine has been designed to soak in flavour, improving meals every time it is used.

Mcdougalls Price    £19.99


Mason Cash Medium Clay Cookermason cash medium clay pot

Key features Intensifies flavours Steams and roasts food in its own juice Oil free cooking Increases tenderness of food Food retains nutrients and vitamins Easy to use and easy to clean For delicious and healthy chicken, beef, lamb, pork and vegetables. Cooker includes recipes and full instructions. Approx 30cm long.

Mcdougalls Price   £24.99



About Mcdougall's Hardware

J&A Mcdougall's is one of Oban's oldest family owned companies, trading on the premises at Combie Street since 1865. The store, started by the late Allan Mcdougall initially started retailing in Ironmongery, Timber and Glass in the 60's. But since passing on to the next generation now stocks many more lines such as gardening supplies, plants, lawnmowers, outdoor clothing, footwear, homeware, paint, hand tools, power tools, fixings, timber, glass and seasonally in december we have a wide range of Christmas trees, decorations and gifts. Predator Dynamic Midge eater, home hardware, J&A Mcdougalls, oban, scotland, tools, ironmongery, hardware, garden centre, plumbing, joinery, glazing, glass, locksmithing oban, key cutting, oban weather forecast, obanites, oba nites, great deals, diy scotland

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